Auto Insurance – Make Sure You are Covered

Auto insurance is something we are required to purchase, at least at a minimum level. Depending on where you live, the insurance requirements may be different. But one thing is constant; you want to be covered in case of an accident. Car repairs and medical costs associated with an accident can add up to tens, and even hundreds, of thousands. You don’t want that financial burden, so shop around for the best rate and options.
Types of Coverage

Collision / Property – Pays the cost of repairing or replacing your car. Liability – Pays for your legal responsibility to others for injuries or property damage Medical – Covers the cost of treating injuries and rehabilitation. This type may also include lost wages or funeral expenses.

Your Driving Record

If you have a clean driving record, meaning you haven’t had any points assigned to your license due to traffic violations, chances are you will get a good auto insurance rate. Your insurance company is taking a risk by insuring you, so if they see a history of accidents or traffic violations they are going to quote you a higher rate. Some companies won’t insure a person with a certain level of violations. This is just another reason you should drive safely.

Your Vehicles

The type of vehicle you have makes a difference. If you have an older vehicle in poor condition, you may choose to opt out of property and collision insurance. Also, if you have certain safety features on your car, you will probably get a better rate. Your insurance agent will look at how much you drive your vehicle. They may ask how far you regularly drive it to work or school. This will allow them to get a better estimate.

The Deductible

Decide what you would be willing to pay out of pocket if you are at fault in an accident. This is your deductible, and it can make a difference in your auto insurance premium. Generally, the higher the deductible, the lower the rate. You need to base the deductible on your vehicles and your personal financial situation. If paying less out of pocket is most important to you, then choose a smaller deductible with a slightly higher insurance payment. If you want a lower payment, then you might want to choose a higher deductible amount.

Coverage Amounts

Your insurance agent can give you information about the most common levels of coverage. You want to make sure you have enough to cover the cost to repair your car, other vehicles involved, and medical costs for you or others. We all know the high price of car repairs and medical costs, so this is one area you shouldn’t skim on.

Talk with an insurance agent about your auto insurance needs. They will be glad to answer your questions and explain the best possible options for your situation.